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The Eagle Filtered Channel Combiner is the premier forward spectrum combining network for today’s Telecommunications Industry. Eagle’s New Patent Pending passive combiner allows you to save up to -7dB of Insertion Loss in the headend over traditional splitter combining methods. Each input channel is routed through an individual bandpass filter. The filter removes out-of-band noise and spurious signals
produced by the modulator and provides a high degree of isolation between modulators. This extensive filtering allows the combining of analog channels and digital carriers from many different sources onto a single output cable with reduced insertion loss and improved carrier to noise and MER. The EFCC is simply the best channel combiner available in the industry today. Let the New Eagle Filtered Channel Combiner help improve your total performance throughout the distribution system.

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  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Improve C/N and MER
  • Easy Channel Identification
  • Each Carrier Individual Bandpassed
  • Removes Modulators Spurious Outputs and Harmonics

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Weight 4 lbs