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EZ TV IPTV System is the most deployed enterprise IPTV delivery system in the world. It is a secure, versatile solution for delivering live and recorded video, on a scheduled or on-demand basis, across organizations to computers, TV screens and mobile devices over LAN, WAN, WiFi and cellular networks, or over the public internet.  The format-agnostic EZTV IPTV delivery platform can be quickly and easily deployed in virtually all IT environments.

EZ TV IPTV System enables administrators to dynamically create and manage video assets and distribute them across a network. Sensitive or valuable video assets are fully protected by AES 256/128-bit encryption and access can be controlled on the user and group level through seamless integration with Microsoft Active Directory.

For applications ranging from video monitoring, corporate communications and education to tactical full-motion video (FMV) and situational awareness, EZ TV System is an ideal solution.  

Service Provider Experience on Your Enterprise Network

Do your users want more than a video window?

EZ TV packs the best user experience in an enterprise-grade professional IPTV System. The powerful browser-based EZ TV Player includes advanced Digital TV capabilities:

Personal Video Recorder (PVR) that allows users to record, manage and playback content on their local computers.

Network Digital Video Recording (NDVR) that can be used by administrators or users to record content on a centralized server with network storage (eliminating the storage and security challenges of local recording).

Video On Demand (VOD) – enables local and remote users instant access to recorded content. Users enjoy “Trick-Play” features such as Fast Forward, Rewind, Play/Pause/Resume.

Client Mosaic Playback – each user can select his own mosaic layouts for watching up to 25 videos simultaneously on the screen. This feature utilizes the existing streams on the network and generates the resized mosaic videos for each user on-the-fly, without using additional bandwidth on the network.

Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) – EZ TV can be configured to receive programming information for all major Cable, Satellite and Local Off-Air Channels and show current and future programming data on TV’s and PC’s for users to search and use to schedule their recordings.

IPTV Monitoring – EZ TV can serve as IP monitoring system; Analytical and statistical tools monitor, log and analyze IPTV channels for quality and compliance, ensuring that video streaming is offered to the user with best quality and availability.

Analytics and Reports – View real-time dashboards measuring content consumption, user activity, network bandwidth utilization and other insights. Generate reports with graphs that can be used to optimize user’s experience or to bill individuals or groups for usage.

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  • Supports the latest compression standard HEVC (H.265) in addition to HD and SD live and on-demand streams in MPEG-1/2/4 and H.264 formats
  • Mosaic viewing of up to 25 videos simultaneously with carousel feature for monitoring 100s of channels on one screen
  • Viewing Frame Channel Color coding for content classification
  • Multi-screen (PC, STB and mobile) browser-based IPTV Player
  • Electronic program guide (EPG)
  • Advanced VOD services including time-shift, pause, resume and skip ahead/back
  • Local DVR recording option for desktop viewer users
  • Full integration with Microsoft Active Directory for managing access to live and on demand content for network users and groups using PCs, STB  and mobile devices



Worldwide provider of innovative digital video products that support end-to-end media solutions. For many years, VITEC has played a leading role in the design and manufacture of hardware and software for video encoding, decoding, transcoding, recording, conversion, archiving and streaming over IP. There extensive product portfolio of video solutions covers a wide range of industries including Broadcasting, Government, Military, Sports & Entertainment, Education, Medical, Telco, Enterprise and Transportation. VITEC is continually designing and developing ground-breaking video solutions and introducing radical innovations and technologies.

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