FLEX 3000 IP/ASI Gateway
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D2D Technologies - FLEX 3000 IP/ASI Gateway

$1,400.00 Each

The D2Flex 3000 is a broadcast quality full duplex IP/ASI video gateway that can send or receive multiple services over IP with any ASI or network source. Transmission of high quality video with low latency across the public internet is supported with the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol.

Broadcasters and video professionals can optionally insert emergency alerts (EAS) or add a dynamic PSIP electronic program guide (EPG) with local channel branding into a reliable MPEG transport stream. The D2Flex 3000 is an essential building block of any distributed transmission system where value, security and reliability are needed.

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  • Reliable public internet transmission of broadcast video with the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol.
  • IP encapsulation of up to 4 independent output streams on a Gigabit Ethernet link.
  • Secure AES 128/256 bit encryption between each endpoint, critical for public internet transmission.
  • ASI to IP (TSoIP) conversion for transporting digital video content over IP networks.
  • IP (TSoIP) to ASI conversion provides a full duplex network video gateway.
  • Network jitter correction and adaptation for transport of MPEG TSoIP.
  • Configurable PSIP/SI major and minor channel numbers.
  • Optional D2Alert for insertion of EAS Emergency Alerts in your digital channels.
  • Optional D2Guide for dynamic PSIP guide generation from Titan TV, Gracenote (TMS) or a spreadsheet.
  • Compact 1/3 RU design with optional rack mount.


D2D Technologies

D2D Technologies is a privately held corporation specializing in solutions that transform digital video for reliable contribution of live events, production and content distribution in broadcast, cable, satellite and IPTV Markets. The company was formed in 2007 by an experienced management team with expertise in professional broadcast to focus on creating products that deliver significant value with unmatched reliability.

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