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The FSD-8240 is an HD / SD SDI frame synchronizer and Dolby® decoder with 16 channels of audio embedding or de-embedding. When Dolby® Digital or Dolby® E is present on a discrete AES pair or on an embedded audio pair, the decoder produces up to 10 decoded channels, according to the Dolby® sub-format received by the metadata. The resulting channels are then available for mapping, inversion and level adjustment and then embedded into the video signal.

The FSD-8240 offers glitch-free handling of embedded audio during frame synchronization and a user-adjustable offset to the frame sync to align the Dolby® delay. Video and audio processing controls as well as flexible timecode processing, closed captioning support and AFD code insertion, provide complete signal management for all incoming signals.

The FSD-8240 can embed Dolby® metadata on the SDI output, sourced from either SDI input video or from the decoder as desired. With the optional analog / metadata rear module’s Dolby® Meta output can provide RS-485 metadata for downstream devices or systems. Metadata on the Dolby® Meta RS-485 output can also be sourced from either SDI input video or from the decoder as desired.

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  • Handles all popular formats of SD (270Mb/s) and HD (1.485Gb/s) signals
  • Glitch-free handling of embedded audio when a frame is dropped or duplicated
  • Dolby® Digital and Dolby® E decoding with optional metadata output
  • 16 channels of discrete audio embedding or de-embedding
  • User offset to frame sync to align Dolby® delay
  • AFD code insertion
  • HD / SD closed captioning and flexible timecode support
  • Frame sync with up to 13 frames of user-adjustable delay
  • 4 internal tone generators
  • 5-year transferable warranty