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Gilbert Engineering /Corning - GP-90-T

$10.17 Each

Gilbert 90° and 180° adapters enable users to configure equipment as desired or change the direction of cable where space is limited and/or where tight bends are required. Seizure screws or socket contacts are used to make contact with the mating connector pin.

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  • Seizure screw versions use a screw to tighten down on the pin of the mating connector or adapter
  • Available with either jam nuts or swivel KS male ports to allow for proper orientation
  • Reusable
  • Marked with a center conductor trim guide


Gilbert Engineering /Corning

Providing Connectivity Solutions That Customers Can Rely On Corning Gilbert, a world leader in RF connectivity, continuously develops new interconnect technology for improved RF system performance, reliability, and efficiency. Their products are used in a range of diverse applications from broadband communication systems to telecommunications, defense systems, and test and measurement. Corning's design expertise is complemented by the high quality of their products and dedication to customer service.

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