H24 HD Satellite receiver for Direct TV
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DirecTV - H24 HD Satellite receiver for Direct TV

$105.50 Each

See what your HDTV can really do. With the advanced features of the DIRECTV® HD Receiver, you’ll enjoy TV like never before. Get up to 1080i picture resolution for astounding HD clarity and color. Plus, with a 3D TV, you can enter the amazing world of HD 3D. For the highest-quality HD picture available today and digital video recording, take a look at the HD DVR receiver.

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  • Watch and schedule recordings on your HD DVR with Whole-Home service.
  • Customize your channel guide to show only those channels you’re subscribed to.
  • Choose your screen format: full screen, stretched, letterbox, pillar box, or crop mode. Up to 1080i picture output.
  • Text search lets you find shows just by entering title, person, channel or keyword.
  • Automatic Power Saving mode: Receiver goes into standby after 4 hours of inactivity.
  • Get real-time scores of any major game at the press of a button.
  • Search the channel guide for shows up to seven days in advance.



About DirecTV's Digital Satellite Receivers Toner Cable is proud to offer satellite receivers and remotes manufactured by DirecTV. DirecTV is a leading direct broadcast satellite service provider and manufacturer of digital satellite receivers. DirecTV’s premier consumer satellite receivers are capable of receiving HD digital signals and broadcasting in 1080i resolution. Digital infrared receiver remotes retain device control codes during battery replacement. Receivers from DirecTV aggregate broadcast programming schedules and fluidly present on-screen programming guides so you can experience satellite TV as it was intended, with no lag or delay. Multi-satellite functioning allows for manual or automatic satellite dishes as well as stacked multi-switches. Improve your digital satellite reception with receivers from DirecTV.

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