J-275D-K-28-35 UHF Log Periodic Broadband antenna
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Wade Antenna - J-275D-K-28-35 UHF Log Periodic Broadband antenna

$435.00 Each

The J-275D-K-28-35 UHF Log Periodic Broadband antenna is for receiving UHF Channels 28 through 35. This antenna consists of a wide-band, diamond-loop driver, two vertically spaced reflectors and 13 tuned directors. The diamond driver is an exclusive  design providing a matched 75 Ohm impedance throughout the UHF range. Dual reflectors increase both horizontal and vertical directivity of the driver and provide front-to-back ratios of 20 dB or better. Directors are tuned for specified channels to provide gain of 14 dB over a reference dipole.

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  • CHANNELS 28 through 35
  • GAIN 14 dBi
  • IMPEDANCE 75 Ohm
  • VSWR 1.5:1
  • FR:BK RATIO 20 dB
  • H. BEAM WIDTH 55 deg.
  • CONNECTOR “F” Connector
  • PIPE SIZE (CTR Mount) 1.5″ To 2.0″ O.D.


Wade Antenna

Wade Antenna specializes in the VHF/UHF cable television antennas and Wi-Fi 802.11 telecommunications antennas. The Wade Log Antenna was developed over 50 years ago and was tested by the Grand Alliance in 1996 and found to be the optimum antenna for digital off-air reception. With progressive leadership that emphasizes customer service through sales, marketing, research and innovation, Wade delivers unrivalled service and satisfaction alongside leading edge technology.

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