J105-13 Channel 13 Antenna
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Wade Antenna - J105-13 Channel 13 Antenna

$320.00 Each

The J-105 Series Highband antennas are single channel 10 element Yagi’s designed for rugged installation on towers and other structures where their extra heavy duty construction will ensure a long operational life.

J-Series system antennas are specifically designed for commercial and industrial master antenna installations. Their heavy-duty construction ensures reliability under severe climatic conditions, providing a durable, trouble-free operation. Available in cut-to channel yagi models. Our single channel antennas feature sharp directivity for high gain, and excellent front-to-back ratios. All antennas are available with the exclusive Wade Cantilever Mount. Our J Series antennas are the answer to any system where high reliability or long life is a must.

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  • 10 Element Yagi
  • 12.5 dB Gain
  • Extra heavy-duty construction
  • Seamless end-sealed chrome aluminum tubing prevents moisture penetration
  • Anti-corrosion ensures maintenance free, weather resistant installation
  • Stack vertically or horizontally for increased gain and directivity
  • 125 mph wind velocity survival rating
  • Cantilever mount available


Wade Antenna

Wade Antenna specializes in the VHF/UHF cable television antennas and Wi-Fi 802.11 telecommunications antennas. The Wade Log Antenna was developed over 50 years ago and was tested by the Grand Alliance in 1996 and found to be the optimum antenna for digital off-air reception. With progressive leadership that emphasizes customer service through sales, marketing, research and innovation, Wade delivers unrivalled service and satisfaction alongside leading edge technology.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 82 × 27 × 12 in