L40-0257 Ultra Hub Balun
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Lynx Broadband - L40-0257 Ultra Hub Balun

$57.99 Each

The Lynx Television Network simultaneously delivers up to 176 HDTV channels, 528 standard digital channels, or 134 analog channels on Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable. Frequency capabilities are 5 MHz to 860 MHz.

A Lynx hub in the wiring closet converts an unbalanced coaxial signal into eight or sixteen balanced signals transmitted on twisted pair cables. At the point of use a wallplate F or single port converter changes the signal back to coaxial form.

The Lynx Network simplifies cable requirements by reducing the need for coax. Now television, phone, and data can all be delivered on twisted pair cables. This simplifies installation, standardizes the wiring, and reduces maintenance requirements.

The Lynx Network increases system flexibility because moves, adds, and changes are easy with Cat 5/6 cable.

A homerun wiring design improves reliability because there are no taps or splitters between the distribution hub and the TV.

The Lynx Network also provides a “technology bridge” to IPTV by using the same infrastructure that IPTV will use.

A patented RF balun is the centerpiece of the Lynx design. A pair of send / receive baluns delivers a clean RF signal to each TV (on pair four). The baluns use an RF technology that delivers HD, digital, and analog channels on network cables without using any bandwidth on the network itself.

The hubs and point of use converters do not require external power, and are bi-directional. External RF amplifiers compensate for cable and insertion losses.

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  • Distributes up to 528 digital channels on Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable
  • Excellent for CATV, SMATV, or off-air television distribution
  • Simplifies cabling requirements
  • Increases flexibility for moves, adds and changes
  • Improves reliability
  • Creates a technology bridge to IPTV

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Lynx Broadband

Television on Cat 5/6 Cable Television and Internet TV on a Single Cat 5/6 Cable The Lynx Television Network delivers digital and analog television (RF) on pair four of a twisted pair cable – without using any bandwidth on the network itself. The product can be used with cable TV, or with satellite TV that has been re-modulated to RF frequencies. It is a great alternative to coax, because it provides a technology bridge to IPTV and is less expensive, more flexible, and more reliable than coax.