The CleanWipes™ 640 optical-grade fiber optic wipes are a rugged fiber optic cleaning tool that delivers perfectly clean end-faces at the lowest possible cost-per-cleaning. With 640 cleanings per box, these are engineered for cleaning bare fiber before fusion splicing and also for cleaning fiber end-faces. The wipe uses a unique “high-modulus” fabric (not paper) which resists shredding even when cleaning LC connectors. It also dissipates static. For most end-users a single wipe is all that is needed for perfectly clean connectors.

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  • 640 cleanings per box
  • Rugged plastic box protects the inner cardboard box from damage during transit
  • Eight cleaning slots on the top of the device enables techs to perform multiple cleanings on the same piece of fabric without re-using any portion of the wipe
  • Cleaning slots are color-coded using the TIA-598-D color scheme, which is widely recognized in the industry
  • Cleaning slots feature closer spacing so the tool can clean both duplex connector end-faces simultaneously
  • The inner box has a static-dissipative lining which eliminates any static on the end-faces and hence the contamination that static might cause

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in