Orion QuadraVista UHD 4K
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Orion QuadraVista UHD 4K

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The QuadraVista UHD 4K is an all-in-one innovative solution for addressing video, audio, and computing needs in a multi-monitor and multiviewing environment. Featuring the integration of multiview displays, KVM, video-over-IP and video wall configuration, the QuadraVista UHD 4K is loaded with features in a compact 1U rackmountable chassis.

The standard product operates as an HDMI quad-screen switch with USB keyboard and mouse, analog stereo audio and support for a 5th computer. The expansion chassis enables a range of optional card modules to be added to address a broad range of video, USB, and audio applications. Multiple chassis can be cascaded to integrate additional video sources, or to display more than four video sources on one UHD monitor.

The optional KM card provides full KVM functionality to the connected video sources, including audio mixing for HDMI embedded audio and analog sources. The KVM over IP, and UHD2HD converter cards provide solutions for a variety of applications in multi-display KVM operation, KVM-over-IP, video wall display, and multiview UHD presentations.

The QuadraVista UHD 4K can be cascaded to display more than four input signals on a single monitor. The USB and audio features can also be cascaded, making it possible to operate 8, 12, or more input devices on multiple monitors using one keyboard and mouse.

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  • A multi-featured KVM switch with display of four concurrent HDMI 1.4 sources up to 4K30Hz on one UHD monitor
  • Dynamic sizing and positioning of each image on freely adjustable windows with full-screen capability at 4K30Hz
  • Assemble multiview display solutions on multiple UHD monitors using one set of keyboard and mouse with multiple units cascaded via HDMI, USB, and audio connections
  • On-screen display of the video source label, video window border and intuitive GUI control
  • HDCP compliant
  • USB-HID touchscreen support
  • Supports multiple user collaboration and user messaging on a networked environment
  • Optional KM module allows full keyboard, mouse, and audio mixing control over the attached video source equipment
  • Optional Video-over-IP module for transmission of visually lossless display of multiple Videoover- IP together with direct HDMI connections
  • UHD video wall processing using an optional UHD-2HD converter module allows multiple images to be displayed across a 2×2 display array