Orion TransVue HDMI 4K2K
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Orion TransVue HDMI 4K2K

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The TransVue HDMI 4K2K Scaler is an invaluable device for easily integrating 1080p video into HDMI 4K2K UltraHD system design or alternatively, integrating HDMI 4K2K video into 1080p system designs.

You can quickly set up this device to upscale or downscale between the HDMI HD2K and UltraHD 4K video formats. This compact 2-port device has one port for scaled video output and a second bypass port for unscaled native video output.

The bypass port enables the video input resolution to be viewed on a local monitor for comparison against the scaled video output. Both video output ports can be direct connected to monitors, or to video extenders, matrix switches, video walls, multiviewers or other video distribution systems.

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  • Supports HDMI video upscale to 4K2K, or downscale to [email protected]
  • Supports native HDMI signal bypass to one display
  • Simultaneously displays upscaled or downscaled and native HDMI outputs through scaled and bypass ports
  • 1080p supports 24/25/30Hz video refresh rates
  • 4K2K supports 4096×[email protected] Hz and 3840×[email protected]/25/30 Hz video refresh rates
  • Easily integrate 4K2K video into an HDMI system design, or integrate 1080p into a 4K2K system design
  • Output an UltraHD HDMI source on a standard TV/monitor or an HDMI 1080p source on a 4K2K TV/flat panel display
  • Easy to install and use, requires only a power supply and HDMI cables