RovoCam, HD 4K MiniCam
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AJA - RovoCam, HD 4K MiniCam

$2,751.00 Each

RovoCam’s HDBaseT interface delivers pristine UltraHD/HD uncompressed video, audio, control and power over a single CAT 5e/6 cable.

RovoCam is AJA’s first compact block camera for industrial, corporate, security, ProAV and broadcast applications. 

Gorgeous UltraHD and HD imagery is obtained with superior Sony® optics with built-in 12x optical and up to 20 x zoom with Sony Super Resolution Zoom, auto and manual focus.

Housed in a rugged machined aluminum case with multiple mounting options, RovoCam delivers the flexibility, power and feature set to accommodate a variety of applications.

A single Cat 5e/6 cable carries all uncompressed video, 2-Channel audio, VISCA camera control, and power for the simplest installation ever due to RovoCam’s integrated HDBaseT interface. 

Delivering this much functionality and power with single cable connectivity dramatically simplifies the installation, camera setup and footprint requirements.

RovoRx-HDMI, the companion receiver unit, offers the simplest reception option for RovoCam with an HDMI output to drive displays, and all video/audio signals, power, and control offered over HDBaseT.

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  • RovoCam features an integrated HDBaseT transmitter. Not only does HDBaseT offer long cable runs over standard Cat 5e/6 cable, it also passes RovoCam’s gorgeous UltraHD/HD imagery, audio, control of the camera, and power to the unit across significant distances. Simple to install, simple to operate.
  • RovoCam offers flexible image resolutions with fantastic Sony optics and powerful zoom capabilities providing UltraHD up to 29.97p or high frame rate HD support up to 60p. RovoCam utilizes Sony’s back illuminated 1/2.3 type 8.9 megapixel CMOS sensor for excellent performance.
  • RovoCam is simple to control via flexible software and hardware support. RovoCam offers local RS 232 connectivity, while Sony VISCA protocol support, video, audio and camera control can be carried over a single Cat 5e/6 cable through HDBaseT. Whether you prefer simple software or the immediacy of a compatible joystick, the choice is yours.




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