SNS1P59BNC SNS 1 Piece RG59 BNC Compression Connectors

$3.90 Each

These SNS connectors are designed for applications using Series 59, Series 59 Quad Shield, Series 6 and Series 6 Quad Shield SCTE specification coaxial cables. In addition the 59 Series BNC connectors are designed for applications using specific Broadband Headend cables and Digital Video cables.

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  • High performance, 75 ohm Snap-N-Seal® BNC Male connectors feature precision coaxial contacts for demanding bandwidth applications.
  • True 360 degree compression onto cable ensures optimum RF shielding performance, -65dB effective shielding.
  • BNC Male Plug interface is designed to nominal Mil Spec C-39012 with 75 ohm characteristic impedance.
  • Integral silver-plated contact and Snap-N-Seal® design ensures ease of installation and reliable, high frequency return loss performance of -30dB to 1 GHz.
  • Installation requires one-step 1/4” – 1/4” cable preparation and standard compression tools used for all 59 & 6 series Snap-N-Seal® product families, saving installation time.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 0.5 × 0.5 in



Quality Coaxial Connectivity Solutions Belden is a global leader in end-to-end signal transmission solutions for data,video and audio applications. Our coaxial connectivity solutions productsfeature superior quality, high-performance compression connectors, tools andaccessories for a variety of coaxial installation applications.The patented design features of our Snap-N-Seal®, Double Bubble™ and F-Conn™connector brands provide a secure, dependable connection from start to finish.• TRUE 360º compression technology creating tools and connectors to work together asa complete, intregrated system• Connectors meet/exceed SCTE-IPC and Bellcore requirements• Connectors provides superior pullout strength• One-piece design option on connectors eliminate loose pins and sleeves• Non-blind entry sleeve and pin-guide in one-piece connectors assist with theinsertion of the cable into the connector• Connectors feature internal compression rings to reduce/eliminate water migration