SQA-16 16 Port L Band Signal Analyzer

Increased network and signal reliability, quality of service as well as accurate and stable signal performance are crucial aspects for satellite communication infrastructures such as teleports, earth-stations but also for broadcasting- and broadband architectures and networks. This not only includes the relevant hardware and infrastructure but also solutions for continuous monitoring, prompt detection of faults and overall performance issues…all essential factors to maintaining customers satisfaction.

RF-Design with headquarters in Lorsch/Germany introduces an innovative broadband remote monitoring system enabling continuous monitoring but also faults and performance to be identified quickly. Their new “SQA-16” represents a state-of-the-art broadband remote signal quality analyzer (5MHz…3GHz) with 16 inputs for monitoring of maximum 16RF signals but also DVB transport streams. The system is a scalable sequential analyzer and monitoring arrangement (RF,DVB-C and DVBS/S2), perfectly suited for remote monitoring applications.

The “SQA-16” consists of three elements

  • A high-quality16:1RFswitch, 50OHmSMA(f) or75OHmF(f)
  • A broadband spectrum analyzer and a DVB-demodulator module
  • The corresponding carrier-monitoring-software (CMS)

 The “SQA-16” signal quality analyzer comes in a compact 1RU/19” rack-mount design with all RF connectors at the rear also featuring 1:1 redundant dual power-supplies. All RF connectors are either 50Ohm SMA(f) or 75Ohn F(f) type (self terminated). The rear side ethernet-interface (RJ45) is provided for connection to the external PC or server. The multi-input RF switch has an isolation between adjacent input ports of 80dB, ensuring that the integrity of measurements is not compromised and faithfully recorded. The integrated spectrum-analyzer module allows measurement and monitoring of the selected RF signal levels and channel frequency while various DVB relevant parameters (DVB-C, DVB-S/S2) can be monitored via the front-side integrated DVB demodulator module.

The carrier-monitoring-software (CMS) continuously scans all switch input ports on sequence and measures the specified parameters for every channel on that input port while a single measurement mode allows to select individual RF port and a specific channel on that port can be measured as required. Furthermore the software has various features such as corrections for the connecting cable losses and slope, test point attenuation, alarm functions, measurement history, record/replay and print function, etc.

The CMS RF measurement data includes the switch reference, switch port, actual channel center frequency, channel level, RF power and bandwidth while the DVB parameter measurement includes data like frequency power, channel power, MER, BER, symbol rate, QAM-constellation, Network-ID, TS-ID, Service-ID, etc. RF-Design´s new “SQA-16” is perfectly suited wherever accurate measurements and monitoring of RF signals and DVB parameters is relevant, it features optimal performance and significantly reduces space and costs for remote monitoring applications.

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The “SQA-16” consists of three elements:

  • A high-quality 16:1 RF switch, 50 OHm SMA or 75 OHm F
  • A broadband spectrum analyzer and a DVB-demodulator module
  • The corresponding carrier-monitoring-software (CMS)


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