SWS-8 8-Way Vertical Splitter, 2-2150 MHz
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DirecTV - SWS-8 8-Way Vertical Splitter, 2-2150 MHz

$9.90 Each

The SWS 2-2150 MHz splitter series is used to split a single line from a SWM Switch or LNB to 2, 4 or 8 lines to feed receivers. Indoor/outdoor SWM splitter features one input and 2, 4 or 8 outputs, one of which passes DC power. This high isolation wideband splitter is compatible with all SWM and MRV installations. DIRECTV approved splitter for multi-room viewing is the splitter to use for DIRECTV whole-home service.

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  • DIRECTV approved for whole-home viewing used with SWM installations
  • 500mA DC passing from one port only
  • High isolation between outputs
  • Diode steered protection
  • Only recommended for DIRECTV SWM systems
  • Manufacturers may vary



About DirecTV's Digital Satellite Receivers Toner Cable is proud to offer satellite receivers and remotes manufactured by DirecTV. DirecTV is a leading direct broadcast satellite service provider and manufacturer of digital satellite receivers. DirecTV’s premier consumer satellite receivers are capable of receiving HD digital signals and broadcasting in 1080i resolution. Digital infrared receiver remotes retain device control codes during battery replacement. Receivers from DirecTV aggregate broadcast programming schedules and fluidly present on-screen programming guides so you can experience satellite TV as it was intended, with no lag or delay. Multi-satellite functioning allows for manual or automatic satellite dishes as well as stacked multi-switches. Improve your digital satellite reception with receivers from DirecTV.

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