TK-184 Fiber Connector Clean & Prep Tool Kit
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Jonard Industries Corp - TK-184 Fiber Connector Clean & Prep Tool Kit

$374.00 Each

The Jonard Tools TK-184 Fiber Optic Connector Clean and Prep Kit offer cleaning and preparation products for use on 1.25 mm and 2.5 mm connector end-faces and bulkhead adapters.

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Kit Includes:

JIC-375 – Fiber Optic Stripper, Three Hole
FC-500 – Precision Fiber Cleaver
FW-50 – Fiber Wipes, Wet (Pack of 50)
H-20 – Rugged Carrying Case
VFL-25 – Visual Fault Locator


  • Fiber Stripper strips the 1.6-3 mm fiber jacket, 600-900 micron buffer coating, and 250 micron cable down to expose the 125 micron glass fiber
  • Fiber Cleaver cleaves either 900 μm buffered or 250 μm coated fiber, the precision fiber cleaver provides a perfect cleave preparing fiber for fusion splicing
  • Wet Wipes made with a nonabrasive residue-free 91% isopropyl alcohol solvent for cleaning the end-faces quickly and easily
  • Visual Fault Locator identifies breakpoints, leaks, poor connections, and stress points in fiber optic cable
  • Enclosed in our H-20 Rugged Nylon Carrying Case for safety and convenience


Jonard Industries Corp

Quality Tools for Today's Professionals since 1958 Jonard Industries Corp is a World Class Manufacturer of Precision Hand Tools for the Telecom, Fiber Optic, Cable TV, Wireless, and Electronic Industries. As the company has prospered and grown, our product lines have expanded to where we now maintain 20 separate and unique categories of professional, highly dependable tools. We work with Certified Ergonomists to design tools with worker safety in mind. Our ergonomic concentration and focus has provided us with the insights and ability to design tools that mitigate pressure on the palm, the leading cause of injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

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