TOX HDTV Encoder/Modulator
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Televes - TOX HDTV Encoder/Modulator

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The Televes family of HDTV encoder/modulator products offers MPEG-2 or H.264 encoding at rates up to 1080p, with either 2 HDMI and component, 2 component, or 4 composite inputs with a single 􀀁QAM RF channel out for broadcast over new or existing single-wire coax cable 􀀁infrastructure to an unlimited number of HDTVs.

It supports Dolby® Digital audio encoding ô€€ensuring quality and compatibility with any HDTV, Closed Captioning,ô€€ and an optional EAS interface with ASI input and output for convenient signal ô€€management, and a watermarking option that enables forensic analysis ofô€€the content in support of content owners and licensing.

The units are also equipped with􀀁 the innovative Televes integrated RF combiner and a built-in ethernet switch for integration and control of an entire system without needing additional 􀀁accessories. Its high density, with up to 28 encoded channels per chassis,􀀁 is optimum for large channel count environments􀀁 where􀀁 modularity 􀀁and 􀀁flexibility are critical.

All this with the same form factor and􀀁 comprehensive local and web based remote monitoring, control, and update􀀁 capability of the T.0X family of products for easy integration and operation of a 􀀁unified video headend.

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  • Up to 1080p MPEG-2 and H.264 encoding with auto-detection of input type and format
  • Real-time Dolby® Digital audio encoding
  • PSIP tables (VCT) allow users to configure 3 types of virtual channel maps for each channel
  • High power with +55 dBmV fully agile RF output from 5 to 1002MHz and >40dB MER
  • Optional EAS interface with composite video and L/R audio
  • Integrated ASI I/O provides easy EAS signal management
  • Same form factor and interface as the other T.0X family members
  • Easy-to-use and comprehensive remote control/monitoring/alarms from any web browser
  • Local configuration with hand-held programmer
  • Integrated RF Combiner and Ethernet switch for rapid deployment
  • Automatic remote firmware upgradeability for new future-proof features
  • Invisible watermarking for forensic content analysis



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