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Times Fiber Communications (TFC) - TX15A60-FEB

$589.00 1000 ft

TX15 standard 60% braid, Flooded low loss cable for Direct Burial

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Times TX15 series Flexible Feeder cable is a alternative to .500 Aluminum cable where installations can be difficult or when a smaller quantity is needed, the TX15 cable has similar performance specifications to T10500 series aluminum cable with attenuation for the TX15 being 1.8 dB per 100 ft at 500 MHz vs 1.7 dB for T10500

The TX15 is available in the following types:

Standard 60% braid, Standard 60% braid Riser rated, Standard 60% braid messengered, Standard 60% braid Flooded,

Quadshield, Quadshield, Riser rated, Quadshield Messengered, Quadshield Flooded


Times Fiber Communications (TFC)

Times Fiber Amphenol is a global manufacturer of high quality cables, fiber optic management equipment, and interconnect products for cable television, satellite, data, and powering applications for broadband communications networks. TFC/Amphenol is recognized worldwide as one of the pioneer developers of broadband cable technology and has to its credit a long list of technical expertise in foam polymer processing, application-specific product development, and unsurpassed, world-class customer service and support.

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