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Leightronix - VieBit Web Streaming Service

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VieBit™ provides high quality HD/SD live and video-on-demand streaming solutions that allow customers to easily and affordably equip their viewers with a customized video website. VieBit was designed to optimize users’ workflows by integrating with the new IncodeX Vier™ HD/SD H.264 broadcast/streaming encoder, as well as other popular encoding options such as the IncodeX Stream, UltraNEXUS-HD™, EHD2™, UltraNEXUS-SDI™, UltraNEXUS™, LABvault-HD™, LABvault-SD™, and legacy equipment including the PEGvault-SD™, and PEGstream-SD2™.

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  • Choose your own package based on only what you need
  • High quality video optimized for Internet streaming
  • HD/SD live and/or video-on-demand streaming
  • Feature packed with a variety of encoding options



Over 30 Years of Product Innovation and Industry Leadership LEIGHTRONIX continues to be a trusted source of reliable, high quality solutions for recording, broadcasting, and streaming valuable digital media content for over 30 years. With products that not only work as advertised, but also consistently exceed customers' expectations, they are proud of their reputation for providing customers with cutting-edge, quality equipment at affordable prices. Leightronix's looks forward to providing the best in product reliability, versatility, and support for years to come.