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Zixi - Zixi-Link

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The point-to-point Zixi-Link™ solution is a one-way, secure, single channel, distance-agnostic connection between the Zixi Edge Points™ (ZEP) – Zixi Feeder™ and Zixi Receiver™. A Zixi-Link is simple to put in place and easy to configure. This software solution can be leveraged for use cases such as satellite back up, disaster recovery, primary contribution for live events, and more. Leveraging the Zixi Transport Stream Protocol, Zixi-Link is an economical alternative for securely sending high-quality video over any distance.

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  • High Quality 
  • Fixed Latency 
  • Error Free Stream 
  • Distance Agnostic 
  • Network Aware 



Zixi's mission is to enable content delivery at satellite and fiber operating metrics with internet based economics and availability. Zixi aims to become the standard for IP delivery of video over the internet from anywhere to anywhere reliably, securely and at the highest quality. A standard enabling broadcasters, enterprises, and service providers to leverage standard internet connections for content contribution, distribution, OTT, satellite backup, disaster recovery, and ENG workflows. Zixi continues to drive thought leadership around the delivery of content for SD, HD, and UHD continually seeking lower cost alternatives to traditional satellite and fiber mediums for more economical end to end IP delivery.