TXS 3600 Multichannel Video/Audio Transcoder
  • TXS 3600 Transcoder has an easy-to-use web interface

Sencore TXS 3600 Multichannel Video/Audio Transcoder

The TXS 3600 is a Multichannel Video and Audio Transcoder which provides a powerful processing engine for linear broadcast transcoding.

Supporting MPEG transport stream inputs and outputs, the product can be configured to transcode up to sixteen PIDs of MPEG2 or H.264 video in a 1RU form factor, along with up to four audio PIDs per video PID. The TXS uses Sencore’s state of the art video compression techniques to acheive low bitrates and high picture quality. In addition, it provides a wide array of audio codecs which allow decoding and re-encoding to common broadcast formats. The combined solution rivals costly single-channel encoders in both value and performance.

The hardware can be configured and licensed to provide maximum value in any use case, from a single-channel per box up to sixteen channels.

The TXS 3600 carries forward Sencore’s tradition of Ease of Use, providing an intuitive web GUI for unit control and status. It also supports full control through SNMP and a web services API.

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