Zixi-Edge Points Feeder & Receiver Software
  • Zixi Edge Points distributes live content to multiple sites with low latency

Zixi Zixi-Edge Points Feeder & Receiver Software

Zixi Edge Points (ZEP) are made up of the Zixi Feeder and Receiver providing both the entry point to the Zixi Internet video transport architecture and the consumption point. Both Zixi Feeder and Zixi Receiver are lightweight software tools that run on standard PC hardware or are embedded into a wide variety of professional encoders, cameras, and mobile devices as part of the growing Zixi EcoZystem. Zixi Feeder accepts and prepares encoded video for transmission over standard Internet connections using Zixi’s UDP-based transmission protocols. Zixi’s Transport Stream architecture deploys monitoring, control, and intelligence along the entire transmission path. Zixi Feeder when combined with Zixi Broadcaster Platform or a Zixi Receiver (ZixiLink) is uniquely designed to deliver the quality and reliability that enables professional broadcasters, sports networks, and service providers to adopt IP networks at the core of their operations. Zixi’s transport system allows content producers to modernize workflows, improve content availability, while reducing costs and speed setup time.

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