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Toner Cable Celebrates their 50th Anniversary

On May 21, 2021 Toner Cable Equipment Inc. will celebrate their 50th Anniversary. Toner Cable Equipment Inc. is a Distributor and Integrator of TV signal processing and distribution systems worldwide with headquarters in Horsham PA. The Company was started in 1971 by Bob Toner, his wife Shawn and their 3 children in their basement in […]

Horsham Township Proclamation

Proclamation by Horsham Township 6.9.21 Whereas: Toner Cable has been providing cable system equipment for the last 50 years; and, Whereas: Founded in 1971, Toner Cable got their start in the basement of founder Robert Toner, and operated with the help of his three children and wife, Shawn. In 1973, Robert Toner migrated the operation […]