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Domestic Sales

Domestic Sales

Domestic Sales

At Toner Cable, you will find thousands of items to build and operate a television signal distribution system, large or small.

As the industry and technology changes, you can be sure that Toner Cable is on top of latest technologic advancements. When distribution over fiber cable started, Toner Cable was one of the first distributors to learn the technology and handle the equipment. At Toner Cable, you will find fiber optic transmission equipment for just about every application, from HFC to HDMI, SDI, Audio and Video as well as Satellite and Microwave. With some 13 manufacturers equipment to choose from, you can be sure to find what you need to carry your signals across a strand of glass.

Toner Cable also has the necessary equipment to install a fiber system, including test equipment, connectors, couplers, splice enclosures, tools, fiber jumpers and even fusion splicers to help with your project. Toner Cable’s technicians can also provide you with a system layout or design–often free of charge!

When the industry started the switch from analog to digital several years back, Toner Cable was on top of it. First, Toner Cable technicians learned the alphabet soup of all those acronyms that Digital uses (SDI, ASI, H.264, MPEG, QAM, OPSK, PID, PSIP). Understanding them really makes digital systems easier to build and work on. Feel free to ask Toner Cable’s technicians any questions you may have. At Toner Cable, you can expect to find just about anything you need for a Digital TV system, from Encoders to Multiplexers and QAM modulators. And you will find more than one or two brands. Currently, Toner Cable stock 12 manufacturers’ encoders–with over 400 in stock! From entry level for sports bars to broadcast contribution encoders and everything in between, Toner Cable has it in stock.

Toner Cable also has just about everything else for your system, whether you’re running a cable TV system, a local TV station, a sports bar or a university. Having been in business for some 43 years, you can rest assured that Toner Cable has the experience to help with your system.

Toner Cable is not just a “box sale” outfit; they sell systems and solutions. Thousands of customers rely on Toner Cable for their systems, offering products that are always in stock at reasonable prices and the technical savvy to help put it together and make it work.

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