19128L Brickwall QAM Low Pass Filter

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These filter series’ consist of a combination of “brickwall” channel deletion components and lowpass (or highpass) components. Each combination results in a “brickwall” lowpass (or highpass) filter assembly for adjacent QAM channel operation.

The primary application is to delete an existing group of contiguous channel programs for the purpose of reinserting new programming (i.e. – cameras, educational programming, etc.), while preserving adjacent QAM channel programming.

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Available Channels:  CATV Channels 2 – 158
Passband Loss:  4 – 6 dB Approx @ Passband Edge Channel 1 – 3 dB Typ in Remainder of Passband
Passband Flatness:  3 dB Typ @ Passband Edge Channel
Group Delay Variation:  500 nS Typ @ Passband Edge Channel
Stopband Attenuation:  40 dB Min @ Stopband Edge Channel 50 dB Typ in Remainder of Stopband
Operating Temperature Range:  +13ºC to +33ºC
Impedance:  75 ohms
Connectors:  F-female

Rack Panel (or Rack Chassis) Mounted for Indoor Use

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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