769812 1550 nm Externally Modulated Fiber Optic Transmitter
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Televes - 769812 1550 nm Externally Modulated Fiber Optic Transmitter

$3,799.00 Each

The Televes 769812 optical transmitter represents the latest in design and technology in RF fiber optic transmitters.  This transmitter features 1550 nm optical outputs for long distance or 2 way cable TV system transmissions.  It has a 54-1220 MHz bandwidth so it is compatible with DOCSIS 3.1 systems.

The fiber transmitter features externally modulated optical output and is equipped with automatic gain control (AGC).  These optical transmitters use cooled DBR lasers for stability.  They are built in a 1RU 19” rackmount chassis with a universal 100-253 VAC power supply.

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  • 47-1220 MHz Bandwidth   ï‚·
  • 6 dBm Optical Output ï‚·
  • 1550 nm ï‚·
  • Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) Laser ï‚·
  • SOA & Match Zehnder Modulation ï‚·
  • 0-14 dB Manual Gain Adjustment ï‚·
  • Key Control for Safety ï‚·
  • AGC ï‚·
  • SC/APC Optical Connector ï‚·
  • 12-32 dBmV Input Level Range ï‚·
  • 1RU Rackmount ï‚·
  • Model 769812



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Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 19 × 1.75 in