OTOT-1220E-12 Optical Transmitter, 1.22 GHz, 1310nm, +12dBm Optical Output

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The Olson Technology, Inc. Model OTOT-1220E-* 1.22GHz 1310nm RF Broadband fiber optic Transmitter is a high quality, full-featured, transmitter for broadband Television signal applications. Designed for optical transport of analog and digital (QAM or 8VSB)l broadcast signals, the transmitter is ideal for CATV Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) applications, as well as direct transmission of CATV RF signals in Privae Cable, Hotels, Apartment, School Campuses, Industrial, Corporate, Government,  and other applications.

The Model OTOT-1220E transmitter uses state-of-the-art RF and optical component technology. A comprehensive lineup of DFB laser offerings provides superior performance over a wide range of optical budgets (up to 16dB of loss), allowing unrepeatered spans of over 45km (28 miles) when used in conjunction with high performance, high sensitivity node receivers such as the Olson Technology Model OTPN-2000 or OTMN-II. Less demanding applications can operate to 25dB of loss or 70km (43 miles) distance.

The rugged, self-contained OTOT-1220E provides exterior RF input and optical output connections, plus front panel RF and laser test points. The field-configurable SC/APC (or optional FC/APC) optical output connector can be mounted on the front or rear panel of the unit. The OTOT-1220E is cooled with forced air via an external high MTBF fan designed to be field-replaceable without interrupting operation. The stand-alone unit can be rack-mounted using the Model OTLL-RMKIT-1 to mount up to three OTOT 1220E’s in a 1RU (1.75″) 19″ space.

The Model OTOT-1220E is the perfect companion to Olson Technology’s OTPN-2200 and OTMN-3-2 optical nodes. It is also designed to operate with optical receivers from most leading manufacturers. The companion OTOR-300 return receiver works with all RF return path optical transmitters in the 5MHz to 300MHz frequency range.

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  • Available enhanced RF bandwidth of 48-1,220MHz supports most analog and QAM digital broadcast transport applications including New DOCSIS 3.1 bandwidths
  • Wide range of 2mW to 31mW DFB laser options for Tx launch powers from 3dBm to 15dBm.
  • The perfect blend of economy and performance.
  • External RF and optical test points facilitate optical circuit set-up and maintenance.
  • Field-configurable front or rear panel SC/APC optical output connector. (FC/APC optional)
  • Self-contained, low profile, rugged flange mount package.
  • Optional 19” EIA rackmount kit for up to three (3) transmitters on a 1RU chassis panel.
  • Low power consumption, runs cool, integrated 90-240VAC power supply. (24VDC optional)

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 5 in


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