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Info Value BizTV™ is a state-of-the-art turnkey IPTV system for enhancing communications and training with high quality video portals by facilitating TV programs, video broadcasting, video recording, video-on-demand and video announcements.

BizTV is entirely IP and digital media based and is tailor-made for enterprises and government agencies. BizTV empowers organizations to incorporate TV programs, video broadcasts, and video on-demand into their communications and training. BizTV also allows organizations to operate information portals to enliven working environments with sharing of knowledge, experiences and interesting information among employees.

BizTV is ideal for organizations to incorporate digital media to improve training, communications, and acquisition of new information. Organizations can incorporate high quality TV programs, produce internal programs, record those programs and include them in their video library. Organizations can use internal video announcements to communicate with employees and provide timely guidance in response to any unusual situations. Employees can improve their understanding of organization directions and operations via self-paced on-demand reviews or relevant titles from the video

BizTV features InfoValue’s industry leading IPTV platform, ensuring seamless integration with authentication and access control, unparalleled scalability and open architecture for future expansion. BizTV has integrated Digital Signage and mobile/tablet device support to further assist organizations to effectively communicate with their employees. BizTV has field-proven reliability and manageability that can be trusted with cost-effective 24×7 operations.

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Organization Service Portal

  • Organization Branding and Content
  • Customized Multimedia User Interface
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Digital Art and Music Moods
  • News, Weather and Flight Info

Employee Communications

  • Employee Messaging
  • TV Promotions
  • Internal Channels

TV Channels

  • IP-based Digital TV Programming
  • Support of Non-IP TV Channels
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and Flexible Channel Guides
  • Time-Shift TV and nPVR


  • Trick Play and Bookmark Functionality
  • Access Control
  • Usage Tracking

Operation Interfaces


  • Active Directory, LDAP and more
  • Remote and TV Controls
  • Digital Signage
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • PC, Mobile and Tablet Devices


System Management

  • Automatic Monitoring and Reporting
  • Fault-Tolerant and Scalable Operations
  • Usage Analytics



Pioneers and experts in IPTV and providers of leading edge IPTV platform and solution products. The platform products are server software for Video-On-Demand (VOD), video multicast, distribution, publishing, and security. The solution products are end-to-end integrated turnkey solutions for several market segments, including business, education,government, hospitality, healthcare and residential. InfoValue’s products provide ubiquitous video delivery: working with standard IP networks of Intranet, Internet and mobile networks over various infrastructures such as fiber optics, cat-5/6, xDSL, IP over coax, 3G, WiFi and WiMax; supporting all video standards from broadcast quality High Definition TV to mobile videos; and interoperating with all client environments, including PC, handhelds, and smart phones.