FlexLink-K7-Pro L Band Matris Switch configurable up to 256 x 256
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RF Design - FlexLink-K7-Pro L Band Matris Switch configurable up to 256 x 256

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The new “FlexLink-K7-Pro” is an unique, innovative and fully scalable L-Band Switch-Matrix system, built into a space saving 6RU/19″ rack-mount chassis with only 500mm depth. It performs as a scalable L-Band switch/routing platform allowing to switch/route any selected input to any or all outputs while it can be assembled with various input/output configurations from 8:8 to 64:64 inputs/outputs in one main-chassis and to up to 256:256 inputs/outputs with additional matrix-chassis while the modular concept also allows other input/output configurations (increments of 8) as per the user´s requirements .

The “FlexLink-K7-Pro” covers the L-Band frequency range (950…2150MHz) and offers a maximum in flexibility combined with state-of-the-art functionalities, features, excellent RF performance and various options. All matrix switch-boards are hotswappable while the input and output switch-boards are equipped with cascading-interfaces allowing to expand an existing system without the need of any other additional devices. This unique expansion concept requires less space, reduces powerconsumption and avoids additional point-of-failures.

The flexible modular design makes it possible to mix the input and output connectors with various connector types (50Ohm SMA or BNC, 75Ohm F or BNC as well as optical inputs E2000 or SC/APC) giving the operator the flexibility he requires now and in the future.

The “FlexLink-K7-Pro” provides various features and functionalities such as variable gain-control & slope-equalization, RF power monitoring and internal monitoring of the amplifier-components. Furthermore the provides 1:1 redundant dual power-supplies and internal airflow ventilators.

Additional flexibility is being provided via available options like switchable LNB-supply while this option also allows insertion of an external 10Mhz signal.

A very special and unique optional feature is the “K7SQA Signal Quality Analyzer” tool which is an add-on SpectrumAnalyzer/DVB demodulator board. It allows measurement of RF and DVB-S/S2 parameters (any input & output of the matrix). At the RF section it measures parameters like RF-power and C/N. At the DVB section (DVB-S/S2) it monitors channel-power, MER, BER, frequency-drift, symbolrate-drift, Network-ID, Service-ID, Service-Type and Service provider name. Furthermore it completely scans all inputs and outputs and its transponders. This option is equipped with an RJ45/100MBit interface allowing IP output streaming (MPTS).

Beyond the state-of-the-art and unique mechanical concept, ist functionalities, features and its options the also assures superior and stable RF performance at the highest quality level, especially at isolation and frequency response.

The “FlexLink-K7-Pro” matrix system can be accessed, configured and monitored locally via its front-side 10.4” colored touchscreen. Remote configuration can be done via an Ethernet-Interface (WEB-GUI/SNMP). RF-Design´s local and remote configuration platform for the allows the configuration of all relevant matrix settings including routing/switching settings, crosspoint-locking, signal-path backup routing, variable gain-control, slope-equalization and of course all available options (if activated). The configuration software also supports user administration management and user rights assignment, logbook function, storage functions and various parameter monitoring functions for critical RF values but also for each individual switch-board, power-supplies and ventilators.

The  “FlexLink-K7-Pro” is ideal for flexible signal assignment and perfectly suited for RF-distribution applications in Teleports, Satellite Earth-Stations as well as Broadcast and CATV/IPTV headend operations.

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  • Space saving 6RU/19″ modular rack-mount design, 500mm deep
  • Up to 64:64 inputs/outputs within one chassis, further expansion e.g. to 256:256 via additional K7 Matrices
  • Easy expandable via integrated cascade-ports (increments of 8)
  • Coax inputs & outputs 50/75Ohm SMA(f), F(f) or BNC(f) and optical inputs possible, supports mixed input & output configurat.
  • Hot-swappable matrix switch-boards
  • 10.4″ front-side touchscreen LC-Display for local configuration
  • 100MBit Ethernet-Interface for remote configuration
  • Temperature controlled ventilators (hot-swappable)
  • 1:1 redundant dual power-supply for the matrix (hot-swappable)
  • 1:1 redundant dual power-supply for the LNB-supply (option) (hot-swappable)


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