kyrion AM2102
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Ateme - kyrion AM2102

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The ATEME Kyrion™ AM2102 is the High Video Quality, Multi-Channel H264 and MPEG2 encoder designed to address a broad range of Digital Television applications. Its state of the art encoding core allows bouquet aggregators, broadcasters and video service operators to save bandwidth and reach their audiences with a revolutionized picture quality.

The Kyrion AM2102 is based on ATEME 5th Generation STREAM© compression engine that delivers the highest video quality at minimum bitrates with ultra-low latency.

The Kyrion™ AM2102 comes also natively with advanced audio features (up to 8 stereo pairs per video channel) and optionally Dolby Digital (AC3) / Dolby Digital Plus (AC3+) and Dolby Digital-E support to cover any multi-language needs.

The Kyrion™ AM2102 front panel and web based user interface provide quick access to configuration menus and immediate settings ensuring a super-fast boot.

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  • SD/HD MPEG2, H264 4:2:0 8-bit
  • From Single to Quad1 channels encoding support with Picture-in-Picture
  • Full One-SEG support for ISDB-Tb
  • Simultaneous stream broadcast on up to 4 primary + 4 backup destinations over IP
  • Statistical Multiplexing support
  • Confidence Audio / Video input monitoring



A global leader in HEVC, H.264, MPEG2 video compression solutions for broadcast, cable, DTH, IPTV and OTT. The company primarily targets bandwidth sensitive applications where its unrivalled compression efficiency delivers an increased quality of experience, while reducing its customers operating costs. ATEME offers the most advanced implementations of the MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 and HEVC/H.265 codecs. These codecs are the heart of ATEME’s products and solutions. The company addresses compression applications ranging from Ultra High Definition TV and 3D to web and mobile streaming.