LS08 2150A Dual 8 Way Active 950-2150 MHz Splitter

$1,450.00 Each

The LS 2150A series is a commercial quality line of Rack Mount  950-2150 MHz L Band  splitters that meet strict level, match, and loss specifications achieved through the use of Quintech’s proprietary microstrip and SMT technology. “Zero” loss and custom configurations available.

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  • Convenient, centralized rack mount designs improve cable management
  • Microstrip design provides better performance and reliability
  • Larger configurations eliminate cascading for better performance
  • Active (zero loss) combiners allow for ease in RF design
  • Greatly improves cable management by allowing for easy access to cable routing and identification of cables
  • Reduces cable connector failures by eliminating the need for frequent manual connects/disconnects
  • LS082150A2FTA000

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 12 × 4 in


Quintech Electronics

Quintech Electronics is a state-of-the-art designer and manufacturer of RF signal management communications equipment and globally distributed. Its products are vital and necessary for RF signal management and are the keystones to the automation of todays advanced telecommunication network infrastructures and test laboratories. Quintech produces RF matrix switches, RF over fiber, routers, redundancy switches, relay switches, splitters, combiners,amplifiers, frequency converters and DC powering products. These products are available in wireless, L-band, IF, and broadband frequencies. These RF signal management products are used for test and measurement, monitor and control, signal replication, backup and protection, and legal surveillance. Quintech has historically emphasized the design and development of customer driven RF signal management solutions in order to provide the best possible result for our customers.