RF Design - RLC2716L L band 16 port Active Combiner


16:1 L-Band combiner with 1:1 redundant Line Amplifier, 1RU/19″, 75Ohm F(f)

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  • Space saving and compact 1RU/19″ design
  • 16:1 L-Band combiner & 1:1 operating amplifiers in one unit
  • 1:1 redundant hot-standby operating amplifier-modules
  • Variable gain-adjust -11…+13dB (MGC/AGC), 1dB steps
  • Less then 5ms switchover between ampflifier 1 & 2
  • Supports slope-equalization 0…9dB, 1dB steps
  • Front-side monitoring-port (-20dB)
  • Permanent RF-power monitoring (Input/Output) for both amplifier-modules
  • Threshold alarm function and switchable output limiter
  • 10MHz external reference signal, rear-side 50Ohm SMA(f)
  • 1:1 redundant power supply (hot swappable)
  • Local access & configuration via front side LC-Display/keypads
  • Front side status LED´s indicating amplifier- and power-supply status
  • Remote configuration via Ethernet-Interface, RS232/485 (WEB-GUI/SNMPv2c)


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