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ATX Networks/Pico Digital - UCRMV

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ATX’s Network’s UCrypt® Remote Video Monitor (UCRVM) allows MSOs to remotely monitor live Pro:Idiom® encrypted (or in-the-clear) video from any UCrypt product version deployed in the field or in a headend/hub.

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  • The UCRVM allows the operator to view multiple Pro:Idiom encrypted programs in real time and verify presence & quality of video & audio at the premises without the need to roll a truck
  • Remotely managed power outlets allow for up to 4 UCrypt devices to be individually remotely power cycled in the event of direct communication loss with a UCrypt device
  • The HTTP-based management interface allows operators to manage & monitor the product remotely


ATX Networks/Pico Digital

ATX Networks designs, manufactures, markets and delivers a broad range of products to the global cable television industry, and PVNs (Private Video Networks). Sectors served include hospitality, healthcare, education, government, enterprise, broadcast, private cable, telcos, stadiums/arenas, etc. ATX enables operators to configure their network to offer advanced services for digital TV transition, video on demand (VOD), digital voice (VoIP), high-speed data, and digital video solutions.