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The Xcrypt CAS system provides cable operators with a cost effective Conditional Access (addressable) solution for Digital Television distribution.  The CAS server supports from 1,000 to 2,000,000 set tops deployed in the field. Cable operators have the ability to custom format their system with up to 32 tiers with as many as 256 television and or audio programs. The server sytem has up to 5 levels of management access for security. The system has the ability to offer PPV programming based on “prepaid views” with instant additional buys via telephone. Messaging by set top, region or entire network is available for security and marketing purposes. The CAS server also provides for forced tune of each set top in case of natural disaster or emergency.

The system has already been integrated with a few subscriber billing systems for seamless system management. For customers with their own subscriber billing systems, API and GLL information is provided for interface purposes. There is also a basic subscriber management system available for those customers doing hand billing or using simple spreadsheets. Online full backup servers are available as well as annual customer support and maintenance.

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  • Fully DVB-Simulcrypt (version 2, 3) compliant
  • Simple customer friendly Smart Card technology
  • 1RU rack mount server, Windows based platform



Technology to Meet Real Market Needs As an innovative solution provider of conditional access system for digital pay TV and contents delivery, Xcrypt provides the most creative and secure solutions for every market segments. Our product line-up includes CAMCAS (patented Scrambling CAM based CAS system) for small local operators or Hospitality application, simple encryption solution for OU/DSNG (Occasional Use/Digital Satellite News gathering) as well as a complete CAS server system for one-way DVB or large advanced bi-directional hybrid services.