DSWM-30 Satellite Multiswitch
  • DSWM-30 Satellite Multiswitch features 30 tuner support

DirecTV DSWM-30 Satellite Multiswitch

DIRECTV’s last external multiswitch, the SWM-16, debuted in 2010. That’s a lifetime ago. Since then, DIRECTV and AT&T engineers have concentrated on developing multiswitch technology built right into the dish. New LNBs like the “3D2” and Reverse Band 3 provide up to 21 tuner capacity depending on the installation, and with that kind of power running through a single line, most homes don’t need an external switch. However, commercial installations and people with the international dish still need an external multiswitch.

The DSWM30 was developed with commercial installations in mind, but it can be used as a replacement multiswitch for the SWM-8, SWM-16, and SWM-32. It uses less power, generates less heat, and costs less than previous generation multiswitches, and provides new capabilities including the ability to power external devices.

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