Orion XC Digital KVM Switch
  • Orion XC Digital KVM Switch

Rose Electronics Orion XC Digital KVM Switch

The Orion XC delivers exceptionally crisp and clear video that is visually lossless on a platform that is used to establish connections between users and computing resources. A range of Orion XT transmitter and receiver devices with mixed signal formats facilitates I/O access to the switch, which automatically recognizes and configures each device when it is connected.

The Orion XC switch and external extender devices can be all CATx, all fiber, or a mix of CATx and fiber depending on the switch port density. SDI/SD/HD/3G is also supported with a coaxial interface. A range of common user and PC peripherals can be switched and extended through the Orion XC depending on the transmitter and receiver interfaces selected. The range includes full-speed and high-speed USB2.0 peripherals up to 480Mbps, USB3.0 up to 5Gbps, serial RS232/RS422, analog or balanced audio and digital audio. USB-HID for keyboard and mouse, USB touchscreen and other USB pointing devices is automatically supported.

Expanding an Orion XC installation is not a problem. The included Matrix Grid software automates multi-matrix connections through CATx or fiber tie-lines. In this way, more I/O ports can be added to an existing system or remote users and resources can be connected back to the central system.

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