BL526-105 HDMI Tester


Steren Electronics handheld portable HDMI® Display Tester. This new unit is designed to allow the installer to certify the system and cabling at the time of installation, even if there is no customer display present. Our device allows the technician to perform a 19-pin continuity check that is graphically displayed on the HDMI® Display Tester to confirm that the cable is 100% operational. The second feature allows the technician to connect the Set Top Box (without HDCP) directly to the handheld HDMI® Display Tester to show full 1080p Audio/Video confirming that the STB is 100% operational and browse all channels needed to verify Channel Line Up. This gives both the customer and installation technician a ‘Certifiable’ installation that can be closed and completed when the technician leaves the jobsite, preventing further service calls due to customer claims of a STB or cabling problem.

The Steren Electronics HDMI® Display Tester was designed with the Installation Technician in mind and is both functional and rugged.

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  • HDMI® 19-Pin Continuity Testing
  • Full-Color Audio and Video Display
  • Auto-scale Resolutions up to 1080P
  • Two standard HDMI® Input/Output Ports for Cable Continuity Test
  • One additional standard HDMI® Input Port to connect to the Set Top Box
  • One Micro USB Port for the 2300mAH battery to provide 3-4 hours of use time

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 3.75 × 1 in