FlexLink S2B L Band 8 X 24 Matrix Switch
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RF Design - FlexLink S2B L Band 8 X 24 Matrix Switch


The FlexLink S2B in 1RU /19″ rack-mount design represents a 8:24 L-Band Switch Matrix.  This unit features an efficient, reliable and space saving solution for today’s and future L-band signal management applications and allows to switch/route up to 8 independent L-Band signals to up to 24 outputs without limitations and interferences (any input an be routed to one or all outputs) while all combinations of in and outputs are freely configurable locally and remotely.

The new FlexLink S2B is a future proof Switch Matrix now with widened bandwidth of 850…2450MHz, also supporting the extended L-Band (850-2450MHz) and L-Band (950-2150MHz) frequency ranges making it a perfect solution also for KA-Band and HTS applications.

The unit additionally features variable gain-control, switchable LNB-supply, RF power monitoring and 1:1 redundant dual power-supply.  Isolation, linearity and its frequency response values are at the highest level assuring excellent and stable operation with superior RF performance and signal quality. 

The FlexLink S2B is equipped with a front-side LC-Display and keypads for user-friendly local configuration.  Remote configuration can be done via its rear-side Ethernet-Interface or RS232-Interface (http/WebGUI, SNMP) while it can also be integrated into a management and control system (NMS or M&C) via SNMP.

The FlexLink S2B is an ideal platform for flexible signal switching/routing applications and perfectly suite for integration into Teleports, Satellite Earth-Stations as well as Broadcasting and CATV/IPTV headend architectures.

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  • Space saving 1RU/19″ rack-mount design
  • Extended L-Band frequency 850 – 2450 MHz, ready for KA-Band and HTS applications
  • Low power-consumption and heat generation
  • 8:24 switching/routing configuration
  • Available with 50 ohm or 75 ohm impedance/connectors
  • In and output combinations freely configurable
  • No routing limitations
  • Features variable gain-control (@ any input)
  • Supports switchable LNB-supply 13/15/18V, 22kHz, 400mA current monitoring (@ any input)
  • RF power monitoring (@ any input), power detection 60dB dynamic range with programmable alarm window
  • Port matching, all ports 16dB typ.
  • Superior RF performance, signal quality and stability
  • 1:1 redundant power supply
  • Front side LC-Display & keypads for local configuration
  • Remote control via Ethernet-interface
  • Admin & user login protection


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