HEA40-1220/42 1.2 GHz Rackmount 2 way Headend Amplifier, GaAs Hybrid, 40 dB Gain

$695.00 Each

This rack mount amplifier is specifically designed as a headend amplifier to be used in analog or digital headends after combining of the various signals. The HE40-1220/42 features a single output on the rear which incorporates both the forward path output and the reverse path input. The HEA40-1220/42 then features an internal diplex filter which provides a separate for- ward input connector and reverse output connector. The headend amplifier features midstage gain and slope controls as well as plug in pads and equalizers on the forward path. The reverse path has a separate gain control along with an input plug in attenuator (pad). The rackmount amplifier also has a passive/active reverse feature which is user selected using a front panel switch. NOTE: The HEA40 uses JXP Long Plug in pads in both the Pad and Equalizer sockets. the amplifier internally turns the Pad into a equalizer. **Now Includes JXP Plug In Pad Kit**

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  • Headend Amplifier
  • 1.2 GHz forward bandwidth
  • GaAs/GaN power doubler for high output levels and low distortions
  • 40 dB gain with 52 dBmV output level (0 slope)
  • Active push-pull GaAs Phemt reverse with user selectable active / passive operation
  • Plug in pads and equalizers along with gain and slope control
  • 1 RU rack mount chassis
  • UL and CE listed external power transformer (110 / 230 VAC)
  • Surge protection on all ports
  • -30 dB test ports on both input and output
  • Uses standard JXP pads for attenuators & equalizers

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 9 × 3 in


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