MPP1700 Chassis for the Media Processing Platform
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Visionary Solutions - MPP1700 Chassis for the Media Processing Platform

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The MPP1700 is a 3RU rack mount chassis that houses Visionary Solutions’ IPTV Media Processing Platform. The Media Processing Platform is a high density blade style system for IPTV transport. The MPP1700 can be filled with VSI blade products such as the AVN220 or AVN420 encoder blades. Use one PSA200 or add an optional second PSA200 for dual redundant power supply support. The MPP1700 is designed to be mounted in a standard 19 inch rack and oriented such that the blade insertion, cabling and indicators are facing out the front of the rack. Only the AC power connection is located on the back of the unit. The IPTV Media Processing Platform from Visionary Solutions iis a high density rack mountable blade system. It is designed for “edge redistribution” and “edge content acquisition” applications where its value is unmatched. The platform pictured is comprised of an MPP1700 3RU chassis, seventeen AVN series encoder blades and two PSA200 power supply modules. Modular features include hot swap ability and a dual redundant power scheme. The Media Processing Platform will incorporate a growing family of modules to support transport, switching, transcoding and monitoring of IPTV.

Slots 1-17 on the chassis can be filled with any VSI blade product. Slots 18 and 20 can be filled with power supplies. At least one of the power supply slots must be filled. For dual redundant power supply support, both power supply slots must be populated. The MPP1700 has top and bottom vents in its cover to allow for proper cooling. Airflow is directed out of the rear of the unit. Three fan ports and ample airflow throughout the unit ensure fail-safe thermal management of the Media Processing Platform. The dual redundant power supplies and all other modules are hot swappable.

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Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 18 in


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