RCS100 Advanced Remote Monitoring System for DVB-C

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RCS 100 DVB-T/T2 is a network professional monitoring platform that allows the remote, proactive and real-time DVB-T/T2 digital television signal monitoring, both at RF and transport levels.

With a compact format, 1RU, all the processing and analysis necessary to obtain the monitoring results is done on the equipment, not needing any additional element except a standard web browser to display the information.

RCS 100 is designed for a 24×7 monitoring signal, allowing to ensure the availability of services in a DVB-T/T2 network.

The intuitive web interface of the RCS, which allows an easy and quick access to all functions, coupled with unique features such as the powerful spectral analysis and capabilities of streaming or Transport Stream recording make the RCS 100 an ideal solution for headend monitoring, transmission sites or locations on the field.

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RF Analysis

  • Real -time spectrum
  • Two ways of operation: channel analysis or multiple channel polling
  • PWR, MER, BER signal quality measures.
  • Alarm log (Real Time) and representation (Time Evolution)

TS Analysis

  • Bitrate analysis
  • Table repetition and Quality analysis
  • Services treeview
  • Level 1, 2 prority error analysis as TR 101 290 recommendations

And much more…

  • Video thumbnails
  • Local display of measurements and alarms
  • ASI Input/Output and HDMI audio/video output
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • 1 PPS & 10 MHz synchronization inputs
  • HTML5 control application
  • SNMP v2.0 alarms

Optional Features

  • Additional DVB Standard
  • Full historical measurements with alarm analysis
  • Avanced measurements (Full Spectrum, Constellation)
  • Extended TS Analysis (3rd priority errors, PCR Jitter)
  • TS Recording
  • Live Streaming



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