OLMR Miniature L-Band Receiver
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Olson Technology - OLMR Miniature L-Band Receiver

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The Olson OLMR Miniature L-Band Receiver offers a high performance, versatile receiver in a very compact package. The OLMR Miniature L-Band Receiver has been engineered to meet today’s high performance standards for L-Band transport. Its extreme bandwidth range allows the system to handle the next generation of satellite signals. The receiver may be used with any L- Band transmitter from Olson Technology. It is ideal for a wide variety of communications applications including L-Band satellite antenna remoting, trunking radio, telemetry tracking, plus GPS time and frequency reference signal distribution. The extended frequency range to 3.6GHz allows this system to accommodate additional transponders coinciding with common European satellite communication applications.

The enhanced bandwidth to 3.6GHz is also unique in that it facilitates stacked LNB applications to accommodate additional transponders containing enhanced DBS programming services (e.g., HDTV, local channels, etc.) over single-mode fiber for DBS television distribution in campus, fiber-to-the-premise (FTTx), and multiple dwelling unit (MDU) environments. The OLMR offers 75Ω output impedance standard, or 50Ω optional. Optical connector options include FC/APC and SC/APC. Power is via an Olson Model OTPS-12A power supply.

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  • Compact wide-bandwidth L- Band receiver offers excellent performance at low cost.
  • Wide bandwidth; 10-3,600MHz handles all CATV and satellite signals including up to four stacked polarizations.
  • Receiver models available with 75Ω output/“F” connector or 50Ω/SMA connector
  • Wide usable optical input range from -15dBm to +3 dBm
  • Wide operating wavelength range, 1270-1610nm.
  • APD option is available for the receiver offers extreme optical sensitivity. PIN Detector is standard. The APD Option typically increases sensitivity by 7dB.
  • An LED indicator is provided for easy setup and maintenance. The tri-color indicator LED is yellow when the optical input is low, red when the optical input is high and is green when the optical input is in the usable range, -15dBm to +3dBm.
  • SC/APC optical connector standard. FC/APC optional.


Olson Technology

Specializing in Broadband RF Fiber Products Olson Technology, Inc. designs and manufactures electronic and fiber optic products for CATV, L-Band, FTTH, Headend Processing, CCTV, Private Cable, Aircraft Entertainment clients. Our manufacturing expertise blends custom and off the shelf products to maintain leading edge technology in our complete line of fiber optic transmission products. We specialize in broadband RF products that modulate, demodulate, and process audio and video signals in both analog and digital formats.Founded in 1985, it is a privately held company with its corporate headquarters in Sierra Village, CA