PackeTV Views IPTV Controller
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Visionary Solutions - PackeTV Views IPTV Controller

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PackeTV Views is a fully configurable online IPTV controller that allows you to manage multiple IPTV account types and roles to simplify content access, maintenance, and publishing.

It runs directly in your browser, and maps IPTV media sources using a fully qualified Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).

What does Packet TV Views do?

– It makes the viewing and sharing of IPTV content easier and more cost-effective

– It provides a friendly, configurable UI to curate, store, publish, and control IPTV content

– It offers multiple administrator and viewer categories for granular control

Who is it for?

– PackeTV Views is ideal for any school, organization or business that relies on video streaming to communicate and educate

– Teacher, trainers and technologists from K-12, community colleges, universities, government and corporations finally have an easy way to simplify the process of delivering dynamic digital content

– PackeTV Views allows you to quickly and efficiently customize your digital stream for any audience

How does it work?

– The software as a Service (SaaS) model minimizes client set-up and expenses saving you money on deployment, maintenance and server hardware

– Content is stored in the cloud to minimize end-user hosting and storage requirements and allow fast, dependable access to content.

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  • HTML-based solution is compatible with most popular Web browsers
  • Affordable – Single-instance and enterprise licenses are available
  • Easy to set up and manage, doesn’t require a tech specialist or IT professional
  • Leverages Software a s Service (SaaS) technology, minimizing end-user requirements and costs
  • Platform agnostic, works on and with any system
  • Compatible with open-source media player VLC from


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