Fiber Link RF-Over-Fiber Series
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RF Design - Fiber Link RF-Over-Fiber Series

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Secure and stable RF signal distribution over long distances becomes more and more relevant in satellite communication, broadcast and broadband architectures. The RF-over-Fiber optical transmission system FiberLink represents professional, flexible and reliable solutions for transmitting L-Band and/or IF signals via optical-fiber. It is especially developed for the satellite communications-, broadband- and broadcast industry and excellently suited for integrations in Teleports, Up- and downlink stations, broadcasting operations as well as cable- and IPTV facilities. The FiberLink series offers excellent performance as well as secure and accurate signal transmission over optical-fiber at the highest quality level.

The FiberLink series features 3 different variants – EcoLink, ProLink and RedLink -. The flexible EcoLink system is a straight forward RF-over-Fiber solution for IF and L-Band optical transmission while LNB-supply and gain adjustment is optionally available. The more advanced and professional systems ProLink & RedLink both offer various additional features like Laser/Link/RF-power monitoring, manual and automatic gain control (MGC/AGC), LNB-supply, remote access and configuration while the RedLink features 1:1redundancy (hot-swappable) for both the TX/RX (laser/link) so to assure secure and stable signal transmission at any time.

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  • Flexible & reliable solution for transmitting L-Band and/or IF signals
  • Excellently suited for integrations in Teleports, Up-Downlink Stations, Broadcasting & Cable/IPTV facilities


RF Design

RF Design's products are developed with highest quality levels focusing most excellent technical performance. Additionally RF Design is strong in designing customized solutions fullfilling exactly your requirements. Permanent research guarantees high quality and best performance. This includes the selection process of components and the ongoing design optimization of mechanical parts. Steady prototyping and intensive test periodes are ensuring best results in terms of functionality , specifications and performance.