OT-DCM-G Dispersion Compensation Module
  • Olson Technology OT-DCM-G Dispersion Compensation Module has a wide optical bandwidth

Olson Technology OT-DCM-G Dispersion Compensation Module

The OT-DCM-G Series Fiber-Based Dispersion Compensation Module removes distortion from optical signals that have traveled long distances over standard, positive dispersion, SMF-28 fiber. In digital systems, this dispersion limits the maximum transmission distance at a given data rate and causes increased BER. In analog systems, this dispersion manifests itself as second order distortion in the signal. The BER in digital systems and CSO in analog systems increases sharply with increasing SMF-28 fiber lengths. The OT-DCM-G Dispersion Compensation Module cancels out the fiber’s positive dispersion, increasing transmission distance and enhancing the fidelity of all types of optical signals.


  • Increase Distance and Decrease BER of Digital Fiber Optic Links
  • Reduce Distortion in Analog Fiber Optic Links
  • Cancel Out Dispersion Caused by Standard SMF-28 Fiber
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